November, 2021



The month began with a trip to Cornwall.


Wild scenes down there along the coast.




I was there to do some Dowsing work on the Treryn Dinas Iron Age fort near Porthcurno. Some fascinating finds.







Also, some country walking:






And then a trip to Lands End for the sunset:






I also did some Wasi-Sabi photography while I was there. Beauty in the overlooked:











Then to Zennor Church and to visit and old friend there – the Zennor Mermaid who lulled the vicar to his death:







And, here is another Cornish reference. A rather splendid photo of Pamela Colman-Smith – probably one of the best I have seen of her. A couple of quiz questions for those who routinely read this Blog site: why is she a significant figure in the history of British esotericism? What is the Cornwall connection?






Really, The Beatles somewhat passed me by as I was only a child in the 60s. I do remember mention of Sgt Pepper as part of the zeitgeist but had little interest. But, then, in 1969, my first 45 rpm single purchased as a teenager was Hey Jude, with that iconic Apple label. I read a book on The Beatles as part of the socio-cultural scene in the 60s. However, I cannot say I learnt much and, disappointingly, the author told The Beatles story – all the usual events – and then the various socio-cultural events of the day in alternate chapters – not really as one and the other influencing the other. Other than say they did, that is!




I attempted something along those lines in my last lecture tour in Australia.



Now, after the remaster box sets, etc, etc., the stereo versions, the individual remasters, and the Anthology series which provided the footnotes to The Beatles’ recordings, we have the Let It Be book, films, CDs. Of course, they are a must for those who remember these times, and indeed many who do not, The Let It Be project was not, of course The Beatles last recorded LP – Abbey Road was – but it was released – as The Beatles broke up. Let IT Beseemed a suitable sentiment of the day as I remember.





Not perhaps their greatest record or indeed collection of songs. But, this is what they sounded like – playing together live – in those years. That is, not as an exercise in recording techniques. In that way it is raw but superbly musical.



Then there is the book. Lots of sumptuous photos here, and then transcripts of The Beatles working on the album. Here, you have the genome of creativity: with all the false starts, bad stuff, laughter, arguments, etc. Anyone involved in a group creative project knows about this. But, hey, imagine having the transcript of a conversation you had with a group of friends published and poured over for significance 50 years later?! Such is the continuing draw of that special fairy dust. Indeed, the Apple label itself is enough to connect again: yes, we were there, we were part of that. The flame continues to burn.







Even the fact that all this is coming out just before Christmas – it was always like that: The Beatles Christmas gift – set the tone for the season..




Elsewhere, I have been having a bit of an Irish renaissance – care of the music of Sean O’Riada:






Also, some lovely music from Iran:







It has been a poetry month as well, with readings from Rimbaud and John Clare.






Samhain came at the end of the month. Now the darkness dominates until the Winter Solstice.







Storms in the forest and many tree casualties; including one of my favourites, under which I would often sit on my walks. Before and After: