Object Perception, Oneness/ Diversity and Beauty




S: …the capacity of understanding, bringing diversity into one-ness. And, understanding that both are in you. So, you stop existing as an individual. Now, you are the base of which everything is happening. You are no longer the body and the person. Now, you are the consciousness in which everything is happening. And, naturally, it goes into its own position – your individuality. You  do not need to do anything – it happens by itself. Just stay with the vision – be clear, be quiet. Inquire into things and look at things carefully. And, see yourself in them – see consciousness in them. And, then you start moving away from the pattern – from the idea of time and space….that every object exists in time and space. Because, that which is the essence of the object is beyond time and space. That which is the object before becomes the object in you – the reality of it is beyond the object. The object is free of the object. And, you are free of you……..this is important. Otherwise, it does not make sense: you are confused by objects happening ‘out there’.



M: Is it true, therefore, that no one thing is more beautiful than anything else?



S: In this context, this, what you are thinking of on a mental level, is true. On an existential level, it is in you, it is just another object.



M: What is?



S: That there isn’t anything more beautiful than another. It is just the opposite of things being more beautiful than others. It is just another description, another subjectiveness. You have the options: either some things are more beautiful than others or everything is equally beautiful. And, both are constructions in you.



M: So, beauty is a construction?



S: What is described as beauty in us is when there is a relaxation of the strictness of form. So, internally, you don’t hold the form as much as you can. And, beauty is a response to the quality of the projection. In other words, when there is quietness, you find beauty. Even in things you do not find beautiful when there is not any quietness. So, beauty is referring to a quality of consciousness. It is a word for a quality. It is not the object. In that context, yes, everything is equally beautiful. To be beautiful is an adjective.



M: So, in consciousness, everything is beautiful. Beauty is consciousness. Therefore, consciousness means everything is beautiful?



S:  Yes, but that is an early conclusion. Still there is diversity defined as everything and still there is a quality of the diversity, which is beautiful. That is not all that what consciousness is about. In pure consciousness, there is not any everything, and there is not any oneness.



M: So, it is step towards consciousness?



S: Yeas, you can say beauty is a way of reaching purity. This is why we search for beauty. And, this is why art does a big job in reaching that perception system that is one-to-one, main form. And, therefore, it reaches another language. It transcends form and name. And, it reaches another quality in you. So, it touches you because it touches an aspect of you that is beyond labels.



M: Thank you.