December, 2021






November is always the ‘pit’ of the year for me..


So, I tend to take my mind off things by keeping busy.


The forest begins the month in lovely autumn colours – and mushrooms!







A trip to Salisbury, and a visit to their lovely cathedral.







And, then to Cornwall.



Those who read this Blog know that I tend to visit Temple Church on the way down – with its stone sculptures from the actual Knights Templar Abbey that gives the name to the place.







I am down there to do some Dowsing: Plan a Gara at St Just – ancient gathering/ yheatre site. It turns out to be a meridian energy structure with a clear core and radiating rings.






St Just has become a bit of an artists’ community. But, has also lost much of its indigenous industry. The sad sight of the Warren’s Pasty factory – closed a couple of years ago with the loss of hundreds of jobs. Their ‘Cornish’ pasties are now made out side of Cornwall. Yet more industrial decay caused by Tory neoliberal economic policy. It is a scourge:







Up to Cape Cornwall for exhilarating cliff walks. Also some prehistoric sites and crosses:







And, then down to my home village of Mousehole. Thankfully deserted now of the crowds that invade in the summer.








Christmas is coming and I mix my Christmas pudding:






Pretty active in the kitchen this month with vegetarian dishes:







I take a visit to Roche Court sculpture park. Always some intriguing pieces there. This time from Richard Deacon and Gary Hume:






Also, a lovely production of  Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette from the National Theatre:






Did a great MeM guitar day with the Salta team in Argentina. Amazing connection across all of these miles:





All things Beatles at the moment: and there is the new CD, book and film from the Let it Be sessions. Lots to mull over here. The continued attachment to this band is because they were that good – my nephew’s son (16) knows everything about them. But, also, their music evokes an era of youth, energy and optimism – sadly in short supply these days. One of the associated projects to the Get Back material was Paul McCartney speaking with Rick Rubin. Fascinating conversation with Macca really involved for once. They play various pieces and break them down on the studio mixer, so you can isolate each element. Lots of asides and anecdotes, and flashes of him composing before your very eyes. Yes! it really is that easy…






As for book, I have been reading Tony Blake’s The Intelligent Enneagram half chapter at a time, and discussing it intensely with a friend. Lots of insights into the various forces it contains and how they elucidate creative systems:






Speaking of Blake – another one, William, my spiritual mentor, it was the anniversary of his birthday this month – 28th November (1757). Here, his magnificent Ancient of Days:






Lots of listening this month. In particular, two ladies: the renowned Russian composer Sofia Gubaidalina; and the English contemporary composer Jocelyn Pook:





To end, I came across this lovely piece by Paul Simon, the subject of which is the surrealist artist Rene Magritte. Lovely!!!


Apparently, it was the only song he composed without having a musical instrument to hand.

He took the title from a magazine article and worked out the rest while driving his car!!