I – I : Space – Object Satyananda 2013




Reality is a reality. Signposts are signposts. You agree on the signposts so you can communicate. So, then, your world is the same. Your world. Because we call it like that – my world, my life. Your world is in your mind – all a creation in your consciousness. Result of who knows what. Who know what are other peoples’ interpretations, stories – it is a mélange of things. But, you don’t even want to trace back – you don’t even know where it started from. So, rather than trying to solve that story which is created in you, and appears to be you and your world, rather than try to find a cause, find peace in it. And, witnessing it is a consciousness where every thought arising is from every object which is there and not there. It is not the object – there is nothing here. (Holding up a vase). And, now, before there was nothing and now there is this vase in front of me(moving the vase into an empty space). This thickness, this space that occupies this object here, is taking place in a place that moves. Because now it is in another place (moving the vase). And, now it is in another place (moving the vase). So, if we could trace back the movement, we will see the appearance and disappearance of nothingness. Where does it go – this space? There is never a case where space is not here now – sometimes it is more bulky, if it is bigger than the space – of this room. But, in this case, it flows easily – and they do not have conflict. And every place, if you follow it mathematically, is never the same. Because everything changes: the angle, etc. So, that emptiness that it is occupying is also changing. And, yet, it is still there. And the proof is that when you move the vase the space is still there. You never take it out and there is something else. That is the way the world of magic works. But, beyond that, for our own sake, of understanding who we are, we explore this and we bring it into the experience of ourselves. And, now we translate: everything that you are aware of is a thought. It is an impression – it is something that is created in you. And, you hold it like an object. And, so, it is you. As you see yourself. And, you are holding it. But, before you started holding it, you were without it. And, now you are holding it, but you are still without it. Because if you move it, the ‘without it’ is still there ready – intact. The ‘without it’ is intact – it is fresh and ageless, it is not in a process of decay. The consciousness that is aware of a thought, a story or an impression – the space. So, if I am investigating ‘who am I’?, I start investigating what I have been calling ‘I’ for a very long time, which is this (holding the vase) – an object. So, then we go into ‘who am I’? Well, I am this thing (vase), and I am made like this and like that, and I come from this kind of tree, and so on. If you see that this is not you, who sees this? If you are no longer real, who is seeing that you are not real. And, this one who sees that you are not real, was there also when you were real? So, is the vase a hindrance for space? So, whatever/ whoever is your persona, or anything as you can become, or be, or believe, or somebody else can – the space is still here as it moves, and the awareness of the space is now here as it moves. So, when it is not here, I am here and when I am here, it is here. So, there is an ‘I’ here who sees another ‘I’ that comes and goes. And, this ‘I’ is always here. Permanently. Not waving. Not eating – because it is the body (the vase!) that is eating. But, this ‘I’ is here. This ‘I’ has a relationship with an ‘I’ that comes and goes. So, there is ‘I – I’ awareness because there is ‘object’ and ‘space’ awareness. This is awareness that there is a space in the object. And, there is awareness that there is an object in the space. So, awareness grows to that capacity of consciousness.

So, in meditation, look into where there are these thoughts appearing in. And, these moods, and these emotions, and these body sensations – where are they appearing in? If you meditate on that, then your mind will see.