Hyparchic Ruminations

Hyparxis-Freewill requires ethics and responsibilities’ .
(This is the point where fact recognises value.)

‘Being itself has gradations’.

‘We can choose our actions with the aim of realising them’ .(in acts of creativity, the ‘choice’ and realisation are often experientially co-terminus).

‘By the change from quantity to quality we mount the scale of existence’.

‘We move in hyparxis by an act of Will’.

So, we might say:


Levels of Being condition unity/ integrity of Will

Levels of Being are expressed in terms of Functional Capacity.

Therefore, Functional Capacity can actualise Will and, with it, its unity and integrity.

Will is something that is essential but only actualised in terms of gradations of Being, expressed through Functionality.


Being allows for Decision-making in terms of Ableness ‘to be’.

Ableness ‘to be’ is proportional to participation in hyparchic acts.

Ableness ‘to be’ is proportional to Functional Capacity and vice versa.

Decision making is therefore proportional to Functional Capacity+Being.


Music is always available but not always actualised.

Actualised through Hyparxis – rightness – experienced as an act of identity/ recognition between existence (Being) and essence (Will) – expressed through Functional Capacity.

Most acts/ events remain in potentia – are infinite.

The decision is a choice of freedom – not to do anything but the ‘right thing’. Potentia is actualised.

Rightness is always available but not always actualised. Depends on levels of necessity/ Will and the level of being to recognise it – and the Functional Capacity to actualise it.

When we do not do the ‘right thing’, it is because there is insufficient level of Being (inner togetherness) to recognise it and Functional Capacity to actualise it.. Therefore, can be improved by addressing functional issues.


The source of rightness is the essential quality of rightness itself: governed by pattern and structure.

Ditto for Will. Will = Rightness+ Necessity.

Rightness/ Will concerns ‘Being’ and ‘Function’.

Being’ and Function – here, the existential is the active element.

Necessity and Will – here, the essential is the active element…


Function-Being-Will are synonymous with Ableness-to-be.