Reading the Dramatic Universe: Words of Advice and Support

The Dramatic Universe was/ is the magnum opus of J G Bennett


The first volume appeared in 1956 – three more volumes between then and 1966. In it, Bennett develops his own systematic interpretation of the ideas of

Gurdjieff ( and

Ouspensky ( through his own training in Maths, Physics, Philosophy and, ultimately, Theology.


I shall be offering my own precise of the DU in due course.



Reading the Dramatic Universe began as a project within the Guitar Craft Community. The intention was to read 15 pages per half-month and to write a resumé on these, which was posted on a Blogger page. A small group began but this quickly went down to two.



We began with Volume 2. Once we completed that, there seemed no reason not to continue with volume 3 and then volume 4. We ended with volume 1. By then, we had gained and lost one or two others and we were four in total in completing the first volume. The entire reading took approximately five years from 2008 – 2013.



At which point, we were grateful to have our lives back.



This information is pertinent to anyone consulting these synopses:



  • They are my own synopses;
  • They are considered notes – indications – to viewed alongside the originals;
  • The originals contain lots of diagrams and tables, which I have not been able to render in this format – page numbers are given, again to view the originals;
  • It is said that J G Bennett wrote the same book four times. This is true and not true. True in that each volume accounts for the same thing; but ‘not true’ in that each deals with the topic at a different level.
  • My own writing and style evolved over the five years becoming longer and denser – for various reasons.
  • We began at volume 2 and a potential reader might also best begin here. The accounts are briefer and more succinct. They give a basic idea of what JGB was about. Volume 3 takes this further. Volumes 4 and 1 then bookend the account. So, what I am saying is that a similar order might be taken should anyone wish to follow through.




Good luck!!!