The idea behind this Website is to offer a vehicle for the full range of my interests and work. Having spent most of my professional life as an academic, the form and the content of my published works have been dictated primarily by scholarly conventions and commercial imperatives. On this site, I am posting other work and writings that fall outside of these so as to make them available to a larger public.

I have included a selection of my academic publications – those with a more general interest – but also sections that offer various writings on the topics and themes that have concerned me: Music, Literature, etc.  The French social philosopher Pierre Bourdieu (1930-2002) has been a prime influence on my thinking, so there is a section on my work on his ideas.

In a section entitled Esoteric, I include various pieces that fall outside of conventional knowledge bases – in mind, body and spirit. There is also a Gallery of some of my paintings and collages.

Pomera Press is an imprint I have created to publish texts – of mine and others – that would not normally be accepted by commercially driven publishers.