A Blakean Manifesto

I was going through some papers of the Blake Society the other day. Actually, the history of this Society is worthy of a PhD study.

Amongst the papers, I came across was this ‘Blakean Manifesto’. It was written to be illuminated and sold by the Society, which it never was. However, I was amused to see it reprinted – unattributed – later in the Guardian newspaper.

I ‘stole’ the idea and some of the themes from the introductions of Blake’s four books of Jerusalem.

This is the way the world looked for a me in my early 30s!!



Rise up! People of the New Age. Set your minds against ignorance. For there is ignorance at home, in the courts and University. The killing of Spirit is the result of ignorance, as is the continuation of material and psychic warring.

Artists! Performers, Writers, dancers, Architects, Musicians, Creators of all Art that is life! Do not suffer the fashionable fools who lead art astray; who depress your Creative powers and render Art valueless by the price they put upon it.

Politicians! Activists of all persuasions! Members of Alternative parties and groups – of all shades of opinion! Do not imagine a future world to which you can compromise the present. The New Age is Born today amongst us all in minute particulars.

Men and Women! Do not believe that your Sexuality divides you. Tear down the gates of fear that keep you apart. Men! Be ready to abandon your pride and prejudice of masculinity, to acknowledge your feminine aspect and to open yourself to your Sensibilities. Women! Stand by your connectedness and value the male and female in us all. Desire is eternal delight! Home is built on mutual Loving and Forgiveness. Where there is Love, there is Freedom. There is no other responsibility than lovingness, openness and honesty.

Men of Spirit! Christians! Theosophists! Gnostics! The Divine Humanity is the only Living God! And so I am! And so you are! And so is everyone! The tree of mystery is a poison tree. For God dwells within you – and not in codes, books, rituals, and beliefs. There is no other reality to keep faith with.

Philosophers! Intellectuals and thinkers of all sorts! Do not let your ideas become the tools of imposition and imposture. Intellect and Science have no power without Imagination. For Creativity is the true man.

People of the New Age! The Spirit of William Blake moves us in our task. Our struggle is not with Flesh and Blood but against powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places. The Spirit of William Blake calls on us to mount a resistance; to surrender to ourselves in order to be ourselves; to Annihilate Deceit and false forgiveness and, in mutual forgiveness to each other, to build Jerusalem.