May, 2024


The very wet year continued here with a wet and cold spring. There is light at the end of the rainbow however:





And, the view from my garden has light:





Lots happening one way and another:


I follow up my Truffaut retrospective with Jules et Jim. A classic by any standard, and presenting the actress Jeanne Moreau as one of the greatest Femme fatales of all time:


I do a little painting/ drawing.


Mike art:





The Temple Guardian



Off to London – hooray:



I go to see an exhibition on one of the great fashion houses of the 60s / early seventies: Chic and neat and then exotic as well – touches of the Pre-Raphaelites:










Whilst in London, I also take in the Yoko Ono retrospective at the Tate Modern:



My overall sense is that she offered a coherent and important body of work – conceptual, of course, so some effort needs to be made by the viewer to ‘get inside’ her art. Of course, she became famous by marrying John Lennon, which kind of made her a celebrity but somewhat destroyed her seriousness as an artist.


The Great event – Robert and Guitar Craft in Mendoza, Argentina:




Some of the core team from Salta and Ecuador:




My Pomera partner Pablo, takes some of our new publications to the course:








A follow interview/ Q&A on Transcendent Anthropology with Elvira Wepfer:


Meanwhile, I am decorating in the house – tools of the trade.



So, a little competition for regular readers of my Blog. The prize is the final copy of the Deluxe version of my book: Guitar Craft: A Brief Introductory Guide to Practice – only 23 signed and numbered copies, the one on offer here is one of three extra copies printed for the personal use of the author.

The question is, What is this? Clue: it is about 2 centimeters long.




Book of the month is The Trading Game by Gary Stevenson. As the cliché goes, I could not put it down. It is an account of his education and entry into the financial city in London as a Trader. One gets an insight into that world, but one also sees into the core of the financial practices which impoverish us all.



His website is here:


Gurdjieff Movement of the month is the Second Obligatory:


CDs of the month: two very different ones.

First a collection by Manu Katché. Peter Gabriel’s drummer but here showing that he can do a lot, lot more – cool jazz and more up-tempo numbers:


I have also been listening to Windsongs by Richard Windfield. These are recording of Aeolia Harps: strung instruments that are played by the wind by placing them on hillsides. Magic!


The month ends with Beltane and May Day eve: