April, 2024


So, the spring develops apace:




Time of year for these:



Hot Cross Buns.


Spring Equinox on the 21st: Half-Light/ Half-Darkness.




To Cornwall and my favourite place near Gwithian. I move in to the shack of friends Susie and Russ for a Robinson Crusoe few days. The expanse here is amazing – and the lights!!










I am down to do a Dowsing weekend on the Mesolithic age: in the UK that is about 8 – 10, 000 years BC. At that time, the sea was about 30 metres lower and England was joined to Europe by Doggerland. Basically, the Stone age.




I am amazed at some of the finds: this is a crude tool but look at its fine workings:







Hunter gathering nomads moving to settlements at the end of this period.




I also do some art whilst in Cornwall. Firstly, Outi Pieski – a Sami artists working in the traditions of hand crafts in her tradition. Quite Shamanistic.





Rare to see some work from Pamela Colman Smith exhibited as well: one of my ‘spiritual’ painters:



Nice to be back in the Tate St Ives:





A little more local was Martina Thomas who painted locally in a fauve style: obviously inspired by Miro and Van Gogh:



And, then back to St Hilary:




Why is this Church filled with paintings from the cream of early C20 British Modernist?








Why did Mary Butts, the Great Grand-daughter of Thomas Butts – one of William Blake’s patrons – make a journey over to the Church on Sundays from Sennen Cove?

What has it to do with mining and fishing?

What is the connection to the BBC and nativity plays?

And, the connection with the Primitive Methodist Chapel in St Ives High Street?

Why was the Church attacked by a band of protestants in the 1930s? Wielding sledge hammers and cutters? Altars were broken, paintings torn down.

Why did the Vicar get imprisoned in the tower? Apparently, parishioners kneeled with candles along the track from the Church door singing hymns as he was released with the Eucharist.   


If you do not know the answer to these questions, you need to read my article:


‘The Savage Salvation of St Hilary’.


Cornwall’s very own Rennes-le-Chateau.


On the way back, I visit one of my favourite churches in Temple, with its Knights cravings:




My friend from Toulouse days, sends me further photos:



Yes, folks, this wamm me! A little tense in those days!




Quite a lot of film and culture this month:


An amazing film by Wim Wenders on Anselm Kiefer. I have always been a bit taken back by the sheer scale and scope of his work. But, this film converted me.





An amazing body of paintings and sculpture – with even incidental stamenet here and there on the like of Heidegger and how his philosophy ate away his brain:


By implications, I have been re-reading the poems of Paul Celan:




Also, a lovely book about breathing and breath:



Listening to the amazing String Quartets of Robert Simpson:






25th March: the 39th anniversary of Guitar Craft.

Here are some live video recordings  of recent GC associated work with Musica en Moviemiento in Argentina.




A new feature, ‘Movement of the Month’: the First Obligatory.