April, 2023




March was a month that continued Winter unabated.


Still spring struggled to break through in my garden.






Down to Cornwall for a trip:


First, a stop off for one of my favourite views: over ST Ives Bay.






As normal, I visit my home village of Mousehole. Hey, we even have a street named after us:





I meander around: the large granite stones on the pier.






When I was a child, used to stand on one of the rings they used to tie up boats. It made a ringing tone like a bell you could hear across the harbor. Much rusted, but the ring is still there, and so is the ringing!!





Then and Now photo: Then: a painting by Stanhope Forbes – that is my uncle William – the carpenter – in the front of the painting. Now: same scene today.




Wild skies here:






Back to St Ives and the Tate has all things Barbara Hepworth:








I go on a Dowsing trip to Gunwalloe. An unusual church: sited almost on the beach and with a separate Tower. The Tower is the node point of the Apollo and Athenian Energy lines.




I was pleased to see inside the tower. It has six bells operated by levers. Producing quite a sound!!




On the way back, I visit another favourite site: Temple Church – where once the Knights Templars had an Abbey.






More Dowsing, we look at the Cosmati Pavement in Westminster Abbey. Created in the C13 by the famous Roman family it has some 80.000 pieces. At its central point, the Monarch is always crowned – and so Charles will be next month!






I have been reading transcriptions of Sofia Ouspensky’s talks – more aphorism than talk, but no less insightful.






Listening to the quartets of Alfred Schnittke: another composer who, like Gorecki, suffered at the hands of the state for his approach to music and the values it transmitted.





Now off to ‘play’ with this bunch of reprobates: