March, 2023



Arriving back in the UK from South America was a shock to the system – one produced by a loss of +30 temperature!! It is easy for the body to go into catatonic shock.  Winter skies:





Imbolg came and went which signifies ‘the first stirrings of the light’. Such has been the case, and the light is getting stronger. Some flowers have raised their heads. But, it has remained cold, grey and damp for the most part:





Lots of internal/ house activity – too cold to go out. A brilliant new play by David Hare: Straight Line Crazy. Of course, it helped having Ralph Fiennes in the lead role – one of our best actors these days.






It tells the biographical story of Robert Moses, who was a key property developer in New York in the first half of the twentieth century. The title comes from his obsession to join any two points with a Freeway – no matter what they destroyed.

The undercurrent story is, however, more contemporary: the corrupt link between politics and commerce, how politicians manipulate, the nature of power, and the way populism is stoked for the advantage it gives to all of these.

Some excellent dialogues.

Peter Gabriel appeared with new songs – it has been 20 years since the last ones (apart from the odd film piece). It’s a very different looking Gabriel – now into his 70s.




The idea is that one song will be released at each Full Moon: how things have changed. Once upon a time, there would be a record/ CD release, which people bought. Now songs are released and gain income from the publicity they generate.  High expectations. Good then to see him developing new (less cluttered) sounds and songs with contemporary themes. The first two were:


Panopticon: (sic. Think about it) – about the universe of ‘information’ that now controls us.


The Court: a strange song with multiple rhythms. The theme here is ‘justice’ – or at least the lack of it for most – rather something for the rich.


I was once a big fan and will still follow what he is up to.

I am very aware that many of those that led us – that showed us the way – are beginning to drop over the precipice.


The book I have been engaging with is from  Sri Aurobindo:





A kind of taxonomy of Consciousness.