December – January, 2023


December – 2023 – My Autumn Odessey


End November and we are hit by deluges of rain in the South of England:





Soon away though and walking in the sun of Buenos Aires – Argentina.



I get accosted in the street by workmen enjoying their end-of-week asado. Delighted to have captured an Englishman, they soon set about sharing with me:




I am down to do a bookshop/ restaurant ‘tour’: lecture on the Spanish translation of my Guitar Craft book. The La Plata act as the main band with additions from crafties across time:









All in all, a successful time.



And then more fun with the ‘La Plata’ team:





‘Old’ friends:




I move on the Mendoza – my Air BnB – the Panama Club:





My area:






We have a week’s course with the Musica en Moviemiento team – in our favourite spot – Agrelo:




– and performances.





One of these is inside a balloon:




And another in the local archeology museum based on the enormous earthquake that hit the city in 1861, pretty much destroying most of the buildings and a fair number of people. These nights the audiences are super enthusiastic.




Brothers in arms:







Time out to visit friends:




 We began – 8 of us – six years ago – to the day. Now we are 30:






I also work on a recording of my piece Negative Earth with Marcelo and Santino:



Lots of instability in Argentina, after they vote a new President. Someone said it was the choice between Corruption and Insanity. They chose the latter:



And then time to leave: