August, 2023


Well, after the sun of June, July has been a damp squib. This picture sums it up:






So, in keeping with memories of summers in England and the place I usually spent them as a child, a small photo gallery of my ancestral home – Mousehole. These photos take us on a 100 + journey: 1896, 1926, 1932, 1934, 1037, 1940, 1964, 1952, 1970, 2023:


















More internal photos another time.


For the moment, see the way it has changed from a living community to pretty much a holiday village.

I always felt it lost its soul when they removed the harbour crane – “for safety reasons”. It used to lower the baulk heads down to close the harbor mouth in the winter.

Mousehole became the focus for a child’s illustrated book and then cartoon – but its commercialization began long before that:



Lots of Guitar Craft activity and then a work day. The Spanish translation of my brief Introduction to the practice of GC – with the famous and original musician/ composer Ugo Adam:






His home, with the La Plata team sheltering from Winter. Bambina the dog – feline love.





Back home and driving around Bath – notice those clouds!!







My article on William Blake, John Cowper Powys and Gnosticism finally was published in the Powys Journal. This is a version of a talk I gave to the Powys Society in August 2022. They said they had never heard anything like it. I took that as a compliment. Really, it is an expansive gloss on 40 years of study.




Also some introspective reading.



Firstly, an original love of mine, Hermann Hesse and his three short stories of characters led by their hearts and the possible consequences.






Then a lovely book about the way composers have used Bird song on their compositions.







The most obvious example from another love, Delius:




Lots of various music this month, but coming back again and again to the muse of Andy Salvanos. I met him in Adelaide High Street one day and we talked guitars and things. He is a devotee to ‘the Stick’ – a very demanding instrument. One thing I know, once anyone falls for this instrument, there is no way back!!