October, 2022



Well, autumn came to my garden this month:




And the Queen died:





Coronated in the year of my birth, she has always been there in my life: No longer….





I always felt that things would unravel when she died, and so it has been. The Centre really does not hold now. I have never been a great Monarchist but, given the need for a figurehead, I felt she did a better job than a politician ever would. President Johnson, anyone?





Large queues to file past her coffin. On the morning of the funeral, there was a sense in the air – the intention. The Church services were pretty standard – she had asked for a short, non-boring ceremony. But, the walking along the streets of London and in Windsor, were pretty impressive.





Whatever anyone did that day, the event defined them. Now we have a King – Charles III. I hope he fairs better than I and II.









Speaking of Kings, I watched King Lear by Shakespeare. An altogether strange play; but pertinent perhaps in the way ‘the land’ reflects the psychic state of its monarch. Lear goes crazy after asking his daughters how much they love him. Because the one he loves best will not say, he wrecks havoc. Of course, corruption in the Court gets out of control because he is not paying attention!!



Ian McKellan is a great actor, but I did not like his Lear this time – he played him as a geriatric, whilst there is a deeper reason for Lear’s Madness.






The other play was “As you Like It” – a splendid comedy based around loving couples and mistaken identities. I love the way that a woman only has to have her hair cut in Shakespeare play to be mistaken for a man. Hilarity, of course, when she is discovered as she is. Great production from the National Theatre.




So, a new book by me !!!





I write about its Genesis here:





It is a summative statement by me of over forty year’s engagement with the work of the French social philosopher, Pierre Bourdieu. I met him first in 1981, and he became a kind of intellectual mentor to me. As I say, in the 1980s, it was like Rock ‘n Roll – we thought we were going to change the world with these ideas. Anyway, I sense I have been able to say something new in this book. “Final thoughts…” ? Maybe….




The Musica en Moviemiento 9 month – Introduction to Advanced Practice – rolls on. Some excellent work here as we are in month seven. Completion in Mendoza, Argentina in December.





Aaaahhh, I finally empty my self-storage container. More books and things in the house now but 120 GBP per month is just too much!! The last item: a table I made at the age of 15 for my CSE Woodwork examination. Still going strong!!





I also uncover some of my watercolours:







What’s this Guitar Craft aphorisms?





I have been reading a biography of W. G. Sebald:




And, listening to Charles Ives: