August, 2022



A very strange sort of summer.  The sky says it all: a sign!!!




So, rocketing inflation, War in the Ukraine, UK politics descend to slapstick, Climate crisis as the earth burns, COVID still around – general disintegration – etc., etc.


Sure is hot in my garden:






But, life goes on….

I am preparing a talk I am to give on ‘John Cowper Powys and William Blake’.







My point of reference is Gnosticism – a topic I have considered for some time:



Powys is/ was somewhat of a wild writer of philosophy and fiction:


One of three renowned writers from the same family: the others being Llewellyn and Theodore. In preparation for this talk I have been re-reading Powys’ Glastonbury Romance – a highly charged epic set in that legendary Somerset town.






So, all things pastoral and the spirit of nature this time of year:



And, some more work on dowsing:






Yes! And folk music. I visit the New Forest Folk Festival – for the first time! – in its 10 years of activity. It is kind of a ‘mini festival’ : plenty of room, spatial audience, and a handful of eating places. The same sort of festival food on offer though: lots of beans and lentils.







Some nice solo performers here.





Also, famous bands of the past – Lindisfarne!!




Also the beginning of this years Proms season : so several weeks of nightly classical music concerts.







But, I catch COVID somewhere and am laid low for the month!






A time to catch up on reading. My book of the month on a favoured philosopher: Baruch Spinoza:






Lots of music, but unusually some solo, electric bass by Björn Meyer:





The month ends with Lammas, Loaf Mass day, or Lughnasadh:

Traditionally, the festival that marks the first fruits of harvest. Plenty here:



But, also the first stirrings of the darkness.

Currently, we have a drought – all the grass has turned yellow: