March 2017

February was suitably dark and sunless in this corner of the globe – the sun hardly looked in. It really is a ‘wicked’ month as the end of winter has a final punch before the spring breaks through.

A few ‘spring’ days, though now


I literally began the month in Berlin, German in very Wintry conditions – the paradox being with snow, everything looks so much brighter.





A very nice centre about 30 kilometres from Berlin, and a weeks work with the Berlin Guitar Ensemble with a view to three performances at the end of the project. A good team and very honourable performances. Very much smaller than recent projects so really focused work.






Then, back and thrown into some academic work – proofs of my next book to read. A tedious activity and I am always dissatisfied with what I wrote – the temptation to amend is constant. It just looks different in a different typeface, and then some surprise that I had written what is before me.


I went up to Sheffield to give a lecture: an eighteen hour around trip that began very early and ended late. I certainly saw a lot of the inside of the train. An audience of 40 plus people turned out to listen to me and also some goods follow-up questions.



Shrove Tuesday marked the beginning of Lent: I always give up meat and alcohol for Lent. Like, I am not a great imbiber of either, but I instantly feel better for it. A message there.

I cooked pancakes my family way – with lemon, currants and sugar.


Then, a trip down to Cornwall, and continued work on my quest to find out about Ithell Colquhoun. I am not sure I learn that much. However, I do get to speak to a lot of interesting people with their take on her, including a full Wiccan Witch, complete with regalia. And, very kind they were too.



Cornwall is a land of mystery and history: menhirs, stone circle and holy wells. For my week, also shrouded in fog – and so, very atmospheric.


With my interviews, it is often a case of putting fragments together. People say they do not know much, but there is usually a single piece that can be added to another that builds up a larger picture. I do now have a lot of material and hope to begin writing about it later this year once a few other pieces are out of the way.


The third session of the Cosmic Ecology course. Lots of fun and lots of ideas. It is really a modern extension of Bennett’s work in the Dramatic Universe:



Of course, everything has moved on since his day, so it is really bringing it all up to date and seeing the implications of it for today.


Art exhibitions included Paul Nash at the Tate Britain: a mixture of the surreal and the pastoral. Very good.



Also, an interesting book on music and how one can ‘measure’ one’s life by it.