June 2016

June and the big news is the launch of this webpage! We have been busy ‘populating’ the site with a range of texts in each of the categories in order to give a reasonable base of material.

As the blurb states, the idea is for me to post various writings that do not come under my ‘normal’ outlets, which are inevitably governed by commercial factors.

Also, the launch of the book: Parallel Lives: the Biographies of Ralph McTell. This is the first book to appear under my own imprint – Pomera Press.


Again, the intention here is to publish books that commercial publishers would not accept. So, small print runs, specialist audiences, etc.

Otherwise, it’s summer – at last ! – in England and so lots of things happening. For example, I have just attended an exhibition on the library of the Elizabethan scholar/ conjurer Dr John Dee (1527-1608 or 1609) – an insight into the way academics thought in those days. Certainly, they did not have distinct subject disciplines as we know them. So, physics, religion, alchemy, biology were all mixed up.


This visit was to follow up a seminar I did on Shakespeare’s The Tempest, which some think was based on Dee. It certainly gave me a point of seeing about their thinking and how they saw the world – and thus, Shakespeare too. Not at all like us, that is why we think him so profound. I shall write on this at some later stage.

Meanwhile, welcome to my page!!